BogoSale.Net – BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free or Half Off)

Buy one, get one free”, “or “Buy one, get one” is not new, its been in use across the board by almost all retailers as a great sales promotional vehicle. The original term BOGO or “Buy one, get one free” was started by couple of New Jersey natives and considered a great marketing tool today. Though the term BOGO “Buy One Get One”, BOGOF “Buy One Get One Free”, and BOGOHO “Buy One Get One Half Off” have been around for a while now, the retailers really started using it to promote products and services over the past couple of years.

The term “Buy One Get One Free” is very appealing to most shoppers, the psychological aspect makes this a great promotional tool as who doesn’t want FREE quality products. It’s almost a no-brainer to pick an item that’s on BOGO so you can get two items for the price of one! Customers who are looking for great deals are very appealed to BOGOF deals because they are getting something for free and in most cases they decide to snap it up because they are getting something for free. Its truly a Win-Win situation, shoppers get an item for free and retailers sell more of their products which in some cases maybe an item that’s not selling as fast and helps clean the inventory to make room for new items. Some retailers also allow consumers to use a BOGO manufacturer coupon with an ongoing BOGO sale at the store, unless the retailer store policy explicitly prohibits it.

BOGO Sale can be of many different types, here are some examples:

  • BOGO or BOGOF or BOGO FREE – Buy One Get One Free
  • BOGOH – Buy one, get one half price
  • BOGO 3FOR2 – Buy three for the price of two e.g. 3 for $25 with code BOGO
  • BOGO 1/2 OFF or BOGO 50% OFF – Buy two, get one half price
  • BOGO 50% OFF – Buy everything 50% off when you but 2 or more items

Many popular stores advertise BOGO Sale offers to promote their merchandise on a regular basis, and the goal of BogoSale.Org team is to find all those great BOGO sales and publish the information on this website for our savvy shoppers who are looking for a great money saving deal. Some BOGO Sales information presented is valid in-store and some are only available online.